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Tiffany Melius

This is the End

So it is done. I have made my decision. For better or worse. It is done. I am not going to continue with my Olympic bid.

The End Is In Sight

(Written July 18, 2020) 8min read When COVID-19 caused travel to be suspended, Continentals and the Olympics to be postponed, and the world to be upended, things shifted for me. I was tired. I had been pushing just to finish things off, make it to the finish line, tie...

Trying to find my way #BLM

I hope that by sharing my some of my growth on this topic, others will seek to increase their own awareness and break down our ubiquitous, patriarchal, and Euro-centric systems of oppression. Because silence is compliance. And just because you can ignore the issue doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It just means you are privileged.

Decisions, Decisions

This past weekend marks the dates that the 2020 Oceania Continental Climbing Championships was supposed to have been.  The competition that was to decide my fate for the next six months. The event that would tell me if my Olympic dream was over, or pushing onto an even bigger stage.  But it was not to be. Continentals was postponed, followed by the Olympics. At this point there is no certainty on how and when Olympic qualification will take place.

2019 Mammut Australian Open Lead, Speed, and Boulder Championships

Often I write blogs to process; sometimes it’s just to recount what happened for those following my journey. This blog is a bit of both.  Part of it is being written seven weeks after the fact (oh my gosh how has the time gone by so quickly!?!?!), and some of it was written raw and in the moment of the emotion.